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-Pablo Picasso
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

setting moon, KCK

I shot this from the Broadway Bridge in early May on the way home.  It's looking into Kansas City, Kansas, of course.  I've found I can get some pretty reliable shots heading North like this at times, at sunset.


  1. Spectacular. I'll be in KC tomorrow night. Save me one of these.

  2. Excellent, Bob, good for you. You know we always love having you in town. Enjoy. If you get any good shots while here, be sure to give us a "heads up".

  3. Don't know that I'll get much shooting done. We get in late afternoon (staying at the Q in Westport), having dinner with some of my wife's family, then off Saturday morning to see her mother in Hanover, KS, straight north of Manhattan near the Nebraska line. I'll wave hi as I pass through.

  4. Well I'll take that, then. Good luck. I hope it's a good trip for you.