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-Pablo Picasso
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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Shot last March in Midtown, of course, the Valentine area.  The venerable Uptown Theater.  I saw Nickel Creek here a few years ago and loved it, of course--the music, performers, theater, everything.  The worst seat in the house is still good.


  1. Gotta love these old venues... they have character and class!

  2. Yeah, they are great aren't they, Randy? Fortunately, a businessman came in and saved this one. It's on a great block, too, that was all developed at the same time so there are shops in the same style attached to this building. I saw Nickel Creek here, years ago when they were still together. It was fantastic because, as I said, it's a bit of an intimate theater so there are no bad seats.

  3. They really do, Madge. Lucky for us, too, we have at least a few that have been saved and rejuvenated.