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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Shot--you guessed it--on the way to work.  It's along 291 highway, just North of Independence.  I love shooting river bottomland, especially when you can get a backdrop of hills seemingly shooting straight up.  Also, I loved how isolated this little shack is.  I'd love to know the story behind it--why it's there, who built it.  I'm sure it was/is for business.


  1. If its the building I think it is, located at about 291 highway & Cement City Road in Sugar Creek, Mo, I'm not sure what it was origionally built for. However, its only one of several, maybe 6 or 7 similar small buildings along that same little curving road-most of which are long gone by now. The last business I remember operating out of the shack was a bait & tackle store some years ago-back in the 70's, 80's & early 90's. If you travel a little further south up Cement City Road, you'll also see an old train depot just as interesting as the little red shack-but the depot is still in use for something or another.

  2. Hey, thanks very much for the information--all the information. Now, besides knowing there's more than one, I think I'll go try to find that depot and see if I can get some good shots of it, too. It's nice to know someone's looking in, too, someone I wasn't familiar with.

  3. You're welcome. And I do look at your photos often. You have a good eye for shots.
    I use Cement City Road often to access 291 from Sugar Creek, or, Sterling & Kentucky Road. The old depot sits close to the road, but there's plenty of places to park and if you wanted, you could get up on higher ground behind the train tracks across the road for better angles. Its really pretty through there in the fall when the leaves are changing. One morbid bit of recent history just near the depot would be the location where Dan Porter murdered and buried his children, Sam & Lindsey Porter. Its about a quarter mile north of the depot, and about 100 yards or so west of the road. Although the spot isn't marked, thankfully. The depot is where Dan & Tina parked & traded vehicles. Dan was my friend. I met him back in 84 working for a plastics plant, Mar-Kay Plastics. I introduced him to that area along that old road one morning after work while on our way to pick my mom up from work at Allis Chalmers. He fell in love with the area-said it reminded him of the land near his old home around the Trenton/Princeton, Mo area. I can't help but to think of those little kids every time I drive through there.
    Anyhoo-I'll stop rambling. Good Luck. I hope to see the depot here soon.

  4. Wow, thanks for all that. Great stuff.

    And yes, I'll try to make an appointment with myself to get that shot or those shots of the depot.

    That's one thing about this area, with the four very distinct seasons, you can really get great shots. Again, the walls of trees that are on the river bluffs, for instance, in Fall, as you say, make for great shots, annually, let alone everything else. Thanks again.