"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

-Pablo Picasso
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

handprint I

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  1. not meant to be at all. I saw these prints someone left--a young person, I'm thinking/assuming, at a recycling center--I won't say where--and thouht they'd be fun and interesting to shoot. I liked how they turned out. I'm sure it was a young peron's antic.

  2. Interesting and a bit creepy.... Hey I link to your downtown art photo in my post today, I hope you don't mind. I took some photos of the Kauffman center when I was there checking out where you captured that downtown art. I just have some photos of the Kauffman Center I took while there. That building is amazing. This addition to our downtown, with Bartle Hall, Sprint, KC Star, the Gold Dome, Power and Light all really add such a beauty to the skyline. Can you tell I love architecture.

  3. Good morning, Regina. Again, not meant to be creepy. Unfortunately, when I touched up the color, it turned a bit red. I didn't think of it being creepy but there you are. See my note above.

    And if you link me to you or you to me, that's great. The only thing I don't want, obviously, would be someone stealing any shot I took, that's all. Thanks very much and yes, I like architecture and those shots too, for sure. Have a great week.