"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

-Pablo Picasso
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Friday, January 22, 2010

sunrise on the shuttlecocks

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  1. Hello, cross-state neighbor. I didn't know about your blog until I saw the announcement on the portal. There is some excellent work here. I particularly like the orange foggy tree. Kind of an overwhelming volume, though, on some days!

    I'm adding you to my CDPB favorites list so I can continue to watch your work. You know, though, that if you have multiple posts a day only the most recent shows on the portal.

    We have some family in KC and get over from time to time. Always enjoy the city.

  2. thanks for your note, Bob.

    I get excited about photography and love (LOVE) shooting. So, naturally, I get loaded up with pics some days and put up several. My goal is to shoot as much and put up maybe only one or two per day. (today I put up ten. so it goes.)

    Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I just try to bring some beauty or humor or something good to us all.

    Rob and Mandy--thanks to you, too, for the note and mention.

    best to you all,


    P.S. Note that, if you want, you can pause the music, below, at the ipod/mixpod control.

    have a great week