"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

-Pablo Picasso
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brookside Church

Wonderful, imposing, even classic architecture.


  1. May I offer a couple of suggestions? I like your images of a city we visit often but nobody is looking at your stuff.

    The images need to be way bigger so they can be seen clearly. Check mine, or I can give you some advice about your settings if you like.

    Make your background white. Every big commercial web site, from Google to the airlines to Amazon has a white background. Way easier to see what you have on offer.

    You get comments roughly in proportion to the number of comments you make on other CDP sites.

  2. Again, thanks for the input, Bob.

    Two notes:

    First, Google doesn't allow me to blow up the pictures any larger. At least, I've tried to blow them up larger and ave found no way to do so. Second, I prefer and like the black background vs the white. I like how rich it is. Just a preference.

  3. If you can tell me how to make the pics larger here on blogspot, I'd certainly be open to it, naturally.