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-Pablo Picasso
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year: Best pic of 2010

I thought this my best of last year because it is, in my opinion, unique and because the pinkish light of our Country Club Plaza this night was so ubiquitous, with the exception of the two blue beams emanating from the church across the street. It all came together to have great energy, I thought.  I got a lot of good shots this night, due to the storm but thought this my favorite of that night--and the year..

Happy New Year, everyone.  May you be healthy, wealthy and wise, in all the right things.
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  1. wow, looks almost like a movie. the beams also make it look like communications to outer space. Happy New Year's! Have a great day with family and friends.

  2. thanks very much.

    Happy new year to you, as well.

  3. Great choice! This is a stunning photo. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks, Randy. Coming from you, that's high praise.

    Happy new year to you, as well, of ocurse

  5. Great photo. That is not just a church across the street, it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. See Steeple of Light at http://www.community-christian.org/flwright.htm