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-Pablo Picasso
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Memorial Sunset II

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  1. At least somebody didn't post a snow shot!

    Here's to another great year for the city daily photo community!

    Jan and Dave
    Greensboro, NC

  2. Exactly, right? You can only take so many easy, snow shots, all through winter. I thought the red maybe looked warm.

    Indeed--here's to another great year.

    Thanks for looking in.

  3. I was lucky, too, because I loaded this for today some couple of weeks ago. The fact that the whole East Coast is covered over in snow makes this that much more of a releif from all that.

  4. Sorry I haven't been around in ages. I lose track. This is a really striking image, sunset I assume. It looks so warm. We're visiting family in the NYC area and encased in an ice block.

  5. Hey, heaven knows I can't blame you. That busy life, you know? We all have to keep up with everything.

    Yes, I was lucky I loaded this one--some weeks ago--for today. We need to see the warmth, if we can't feel it. And yes, it was sunset (a bit enhanced, right?)

    You really got it in NY, for sure. Good luck getting around.

    And out, when that time comes.

    Enjoy. And thanks for stopping by.